NORAD Santa tracker brings Christmas to life with Poser 3D software; Poser imagery and animation provides educational and entertaining experience this holiday season.

Smith Micro announced the use of its flagship Poser 3D animation software in the creation of NORAD’s Santa Tracker 2013 website. NORAD’s Santa Tracker allows families to follow Santa Claus on his Christmas Eve sleigh ride around the globe. Poser has been utilized to create the 3D Santa on NORAD Tracks Santa, his reindeer and sleigh.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command’s NORAD Tracks Santa (NTS) website is now live at

The NORAD Tracks Santa website received approximately twenty two million unique visitors in over 200 countries last holiday season. Meshbox Design, a premiere partner of Smith Micro, supplier to Content Paradise and corporate contributor to the NORAD Tracks Santa project, is the creator of Toon Santa, the original Santa for Poser. Toon Santa, Toon Reindeer and Santa’s Sleigh are all used on the NORAD Tracks Santa website and its official gear site, I Tracked Santa. All three models are also available on Content Paradise. Toon Santa 2013 includes eight versions of Toon Santa, with the current 2013 release featuring a master chef Santa who not only comes equipped with props such as Christmas cakes, pizza trays and utensils, but also poses including chopping with a knife, stirring the pot, tasting and more.

“It’s great to see the various ways that Poser has been utilized in the NORAD Santa Tracker campaigns,” said Steve Yatson, vice president of operations for Smith Micro Software, Productivity and Graphics group. “Meshbox Design has brought Santa Claus, his sleigh and reindeer to life with Poser. Users can not only purchase their favorite themed Toon Santa content but also create their own unique characters for the holiday season.”

Poser enables users of all skill levels to easily create full 3D scenes with digital humans, animals and props. In addition to an extensive library of pre-loaded characters and content, Poser offers advanced features such as Subdivision Surfaces for improved bending fidelity and Bullet Physics for adding increased realism to animation. With numerous tutorial videos and an experienced team of content creators, developers and customer service and support, Poser users can create their own holiday content to share with family and friends right out of the box.

Poser Debut, for beginning animators, is available at Staples stores nationwide in its Artist Bundle. Poser 10 is available for $129.99 and Poser Pro 2014 for $499.99. For more detailed product, pricing and tiered upgrade pricing information, visit the Poser website.