Meshbox Design is a truly international production house, and since we began as a unit of Proactive International in 2002, we have counted on our friends and colleagues in Ukraine. Some of our best works have come from the desktops of designers and artists located in Kiev, Kharkiv and DniPro (called Dnipropetrovsk through 2016).

If you have licensed one of our models through us or our partners such as Mirye Software or Renderosity, chance are good it was modeled, textured or even animated in Ukraine. Ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians living in Ukraine have worked on new releases for our popular Toon Santa 3D character for Poser & DAZ Studio, which also is the basis for the NORAD Tracks Santa 3D character that has been the official 3D Santa for the program since 2006. Many ethnic Russians live in Ukraine, made it their home and also abhor this unprovoked war against Ukraine.

We encourage our customers, friends and colleagues around the world to do whatever they can to support Ukraine. Meshbox team members located outside of Ukraine are doing our best to locate and help our present and previous employees.

If you would like to create your own artwork in support of Ukraine, you can get our Ukraine Backgrounds 1 image pack for free on Mirye Software.