Mobile Park Volume 1 is a series of 3D models from Meshbox Design based around American mobile park vehicles and buildings.

Mobile Park Volume 1 is a model series based on the homes and trailers found in a mysterious mobile park where communities grow organically - at least temporarily - a place filled with people who have been places. Meshbox Design Mobile Park Volume 1 is a set of seven individual buildings. It can also be licensed in a Complete Edition which includes a bonus model, only included in that version. The series includes:

  • MPK2V101- Crazy Cat Lady Mobile Home
  • MPK2V102- Mystery Trailer
  • MPK2V103- Retired Couple Mobile Home
  • MPK2V104- Double Wide Mobile Home (with Texas Accents)
  • MPK2V105- Granny's Trailer
  • MPK2V106- Conspiracy Joe's Mobile Home
  • MPK2V107- Retired Doctor's Home
  • MPK2V108- Mobile Park Manager's Home - BONUS MODEL

Licensing Mobile Park Volume 1

Meshbox Design offers two types of licenses of most models. These include:

  • Art License. You can license a model for creating 3D art and animation through rendering. It does not include deployment of any original or converted content within the archive.
  • Game License. This license also includes the Art License for render deployment. The Game License is a 'real time' license required for deploying converted materials from within the archive. You cannot create derivative works from this license.

Renderosity has its own general license in addition to limitations expressed within the standard READ ME. Please refer to them if you license a model through Renderosity.

Where to Get Mobile Park Volume 1

About Meshbox Design

Meshbox Design is a digital production house that provides professional art and 3D design services. It is also a creator of content available for licensing for art, animation, film and game development. It is also the creator of Toon Santa, a 3D character adopted by NORAD for the NORAD Tracks Santa program.