Sleepy Hollow Volume 1 is a series of 3D models from Meshbox Design based on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by American writer Washington Irving.

Sleepy Hollow 3D Volume 1 brings to life a combination of the real Sleepy Hollow, Tarry Town, New York, and the Sleepy Hollow of Washington Irving's dark and dream-like Legend of Sleepy Hollow. You will find buildings based both on the venerable American story as well as building designs found in the actual village. These buildings incorporate both a slightly nightmarish style with the early Dutch colonial style of the village - the place where Ichabod Crane disappeared, either at the sword of the Headless Horsemen or terrified by his rival in love, Brom Bones.

  • SPH1V101 Old Dutch Church
  • SPH1V102 Van Allen House
  • SPH1V103 Philipsburg Grist Mill
  • SPH1V104 Philipsburg Manor
  • SPH1V105 Icabod's Schoolhouse
  • SPH1V106 Sleepy Hollow Tavern
  • SPH1V107 Brom Bone's House
  • SPH1V108 Headless Horseman's Bridge (Bonus Model)

Licensing Sleepy Hollow Volume 1

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