3D models from Meshbox Design based fantasy series available individually or in a complete edition.

Elven Village Volume 2 is a continuation of one of Meshbox Design's most popular 3D model building series. The complete edition includes all seven models plus the bonus model, not available separately.

  • E2V201 Elven Village Lighthouse
  • E2V202 Elven Village Herbal Healer
  • E2V203 Elven Village Stables
  • E2V204 Elven Village Manor
  • E2V205 Elven Village Cottage
  • E2V206 Elven Village Dock
  • E2V207 Elven Village Glassblower
  • E2V208 Bonus Model - Elven Village Mirror Maker


Both game development licenses and separate art licenses of all versions, single and Complete Edition including 3DStudio MAX, Blender, Poser3D / DAZ Studio, Vue, Bryce and Shade are available through Mirye Store

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Mirye Software is the software publishing division of Proactive International, an Oregon-based technology company. Mirye Software was launched in 2008 to publish high end, vertical market content creation tools for designers, developers and content creators.

About Meshbox Design

Meshbox Design is a digital production house that provides professional art and 3D design services. It is also a creator of content available for licensing for art, animation, film and game development. It is also the creator of Toon Santa, a 3D character adopted by NORAD for the NORAD Tracks Santa program.