Original 3D character model Toon Poseidon for Poser & DAZ Studio is now available.

Toon Poseidon is King of the Sea of the Olympian gods and like Zeus is the child of Cronus and Rhea.  Toon Poseidon for Meat works with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4 or higher and requires the free male version of the Meat 3D. Toon Poseidon includes 20 textures including bump maps. A Poser MAT pose also switches Meat's default 'flesh' colored texture with Poseidon's green flesh texture.

Toon Poseidon for Poser & DAZ Studio

This 3D model is available for art and animation licensing.

Clothing & Props for Toon Poseidon

  • Poseidon's Cloak
  • Poseidon's Belt
  • Right and Left Sandals
  • Poseidon's Waist Cloth
  • Trident
  • Crown (as prop)
  • Beard (as prop)
  • Mustache (as prop)
  • Eyebrows (as props)
  • Hair (as prop)
  • Plant(s) (as prop)
  • Beard (as props)
  • Rope / Bridle (as prop)
  • Seahorse (as prop)
  • Shell Cart (as prop)

Poses for Toon Poseidon

  • Default (resets to T pose)
  • MAT Pose (Poseidon Body)
  • At Ease
  • Forward
  • Hovering
  • Reclining
  • Riding Fast
  • Victory
  • Wrathful

Notes on Toon Poseidon

  • Requites the free Meat 3D character model
  • Some features require Poser but can be recreated in DAZ Studio.
  • Get Toon Poseidon on Mirye Store

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