Meshbox Design is pleased to announce that the Meshbox 3D catalog is becoming available on the Renderosity marketplace again.

Renderosity has been an online art community since December 1998. The name Renderosity was created and voted upon by the online community of digital artists in October of 1999. As the graphic arts industry grew worldwide, there became a need for a medium of communication that could link this diverse and international group. Renderosity has filled that need. Today Renderosity is one of the leading online communities for graphic artists. We support users of many of the most popular software applications used throughout the CG industry.

The mission of Renderosity is to create a thriving, productive community that encourages an atmosphere of respect, collaboration and growth for 3D & 2D digital artists, animators, photographers and writers of all backgrounds and levels. We are a community created by artists - for artists.

The initial release of Meshbox models with the announcement on Renderosity include the popular Elven Village Volume 1 series of fantasy 3d models. Each model in the set is available in multiple formats on the Renderosity marketplace, including:

  • Blender format. The open source, popular 3D tool suite for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • Smith Micro Poser / DAZ 3D DAZ Studio format. Compatible with both character-centric tools.
  • Vue 3D format. The 3D natural scenery system.
  • Bryce format. The 3D natural scenery system.
  • Shade 3D format. The format of Shade 3D, the 3d design suite popular in Japan.

Meshbox is a leading provider of 3D models to 3D artists and game designers, and well known for its Toon Santa Santa Claus character, a form of which has been a part of the NORAD Tracks Santa program since 2006.

The initial release on Renderosity is the Elven Village Volume 1 3D fantasy 3D model series in all five fomats: Blender, Poser, Vue, Bryce and Shade. Over due time, the entire catalog of Meshbox 3D products that were previously featured on the Content Paradise website will become available on Renderosity.

"Renderosity has been a constant supporter of 3D artists and provides a high quality marketplace and community for professional, pro-sumer and hobbyist 3D artists and animators. We are excited to rejoin the Renderosity marketplace and community" said Chikako Hatanaka, Art Director of Meshbox Design.