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Meshbox 1.0 Released


October 28, 2002. Meshbox, a division of Proactive International, LLC, announces the availability of Meshbox 1.0, the most productive way to manage and convert 3D content. Meshbox 1.0 is designed to provide a powerful, extendable tool for 3D artists, game designers and production houses

Meshbox 1.0 supports a robust extensible architecture for the creation, management and deployment of 3D content. Its features include:

mb.CONVERT. Collect 3D objects from multiple locations then copy and batch convert into a single location. Import/Export formats include 3D Studio MAX format (3DS), LightWave format (LWO), TrueSpace (COB), Apple Computer’s 3DMF format, Expression Tools Shade (SHD) and WaveFront OBJ. It also supports Shockwave 3D (W3D) and Viewpoint (VET) 3D web formats for export.

mb.COLLECTIONS. A robust database back end based on the Paradigma Software Valentina format. This allows 3D objects to be stored in collections and include both keyword and description based searches. Combined with mb.CONVERT, designers can transfer or batch covert volumes of 3D objects into mb.COLLECTIONS.

mb.VIEWPORT. An OpenGL-based solution for previewing 3D objects, complete with textures and lights. mb.VIEWPORT can make use of camera and light information stored with a 3D object, and supports panning, zooming, wireframe and solid modes.

mb.PROJECTS. XML-based documents for collecting 3D objects, and collections for increased productivity. Users can also assign keywords and descriptions to objects, collections and projects themselves so they can be easily searched and found.

mb.FILES. A highly productive file browser that allows users to create, move and append objects, Projects and Collections without opening the files themselves.

Meshbox 1.0 also includes productivity enhancements such as a built in object finder, tool manager and preferences for creating custom command key and keyword profiles.

Meshbox 1.0 is available for immediate download from the Meshbox website at http://www.meshbox.com. The street price of Meshbox 1.0 is $149. Meshbox 1.0 supports Windows 98 or later.

About Meshbox

Technology licensing and distribution partnerships of Meshbox are handled exclusively through Proactive International, LLC, the worldwide channel agency. Additional information is available in English and Japanese through the Meshbox website at http://www.meshbox.com.


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